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Our QET Dividend

Trust employee

I have an entitlement to:

  • Feel safe at work.
  • Be treated with the highest standards of professional courtesy and respect.
  • Professional development bespoke to my needs.
  • Active support for my wellbeing.
  • Regular feedback and support.
  • Opportunities to have an impact in more than one school.
  • Be a part of a ‘faculty’ of education.


Trust child/student

I have an entitlement to:

  • Feel safe, valued and cared for in school.
  • Great teaching to meet my needs and foster high aspirations for me.
  • Strong transitions from Early Years to post 18 and beyond.
  • Feedback that moves my learning on even if I am the only child/student with that need.
  • Be listened to and to be encouraged to participate in all aspects of school life.
  • 20 great experiences before I leave full-time education (see the Trust Promise).