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Initial Teacher Training

At Quantock Education Trust we are passionate about developing the next generation of teachers to engage, motivate and inspire our children. Our collaborative work with Exeter University has enabled us to achieve this through our School Direct Programme.  

Initial Teacher Education at the University of Exeter has a long and proud history of excellence and the Secondary PGCE programme has been judged by Ofsted as outstanding in all respects. Over the last 4 years the Quantock Education Trust has had the privilege of working collaboratively with Exeter University to offer a school direct teaching qualification. All of cohorts have achieved highly on the programme and have all gain qualified teacher status, which is something we are incredibly proud of.  

Throughout the PGCE year you will develop a personal and professional rationale for teaching and learning. The programme enables you to acquire the values, commitments, knowledge, understanding and skills that all teachers need. It also offers you opportunities for the development of personal transferable skills (self-management, learning skills, communication, teamwork, problem-solving and data-handling skills) and will provide you with the first stages in your profile of continuing professional development as a teacher. The programme contributes to both your immediate and your continuing professional education. At the end of the programme you should be an effective classroom teacher, able to demonstrate your competences and to become an integrated member of the school community wherever you work. You will be equipped to work collaboratively and independently, with commitment to the all-round education of children. In the longer term, the PGCE course lays the foundation for lasting professional development. The PGCE programme leads into the MA Education programme, which we hope most of you will continue to during your first years of teaching. The Secondary PGCE programme been designed to meet the requirements for Initial Teacher Education as set out in the Teachers’ Standards (DfE 2012) and ITT Criteria (DfE 2021).  

The aims of the Programme are to:  

  1. Enable you to achieve the standards necessary to qualify as a secondary school teacher in your specialist subject as identified in the Teachers’ Standards (2012).  
  2. Enable you to gain QTS and have done so by meeting the standards for QTS in the 11-16 age range and also to have had some additional experience of post 16.  
  3. Develop your knowledge and understanding of how children learn and develop, and of the factors that can impact on their learning.  
  4. Develop and extend your knowledge and understanding of the secondary school curriculum, effective pedagogies and assessment strategies.
  5. Support the development of your specialist subject knowledge and pedagogy to enable you to confidently teach your subject across the secondary age range.  
  6. Provide you with opportunities to engage with current research and debates in your field and consider the relationship between theory and practice.  
  7. Develop your knowledge and understanding of the teachers’ roles and responsibilities.  
  8. Develop your understanding of how to plan your teaching to ensure progression and continuity across the secondary age range.  
  9. Provide advice and support to colleagues on curriculum content, pedagogy and assessment within a selected specialist subject, age-phase or context 7.  
  10. Enable you to develop the skills of reviewing, monitoring and evaluation, in order to contribute creatively and confidently as a new colleague in school, and to work successfully across multi-professional teams.  
  11. Help you to recognise the importance of continuing professional development in supporting critical thinking, reflective practice and informed decision-making.  
  12. Develop your ability to teach with imagination, enthusiasm and courage, and respond creatively to change.