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The Quantock Education Trust vision is to enrich life opportunities for all members of our community, working and learning together with aspiration, ambition, and care, in our schools and wider society. Our ethos is as much about ensuring children are prepared for life, as it is about ensuring they are prepared to achieve academic success. The Trust has ‘Seven Principles of Excellence’ which constitute the ‘foundations’ for the Trust’s work ensuring that its impact is both transformational and sustainable. Having broad, balanced and ambitious curricula in our schools is one of our cornerstones of excellence.

Fundamental to the delivery of that vision is a well-designed, knowledge rich curriculum that is designed to enable children to develop an intellectual and informed sense of the world and enjoy their learning, as well as a powerful sense of self and a compassionate and empathetic sense of others. We believe for children to excel in their academic subjects they must also develop character attributes to support that learning such as, ambition, resilience, determination, collaboration, honesty, empathy and many more. We see these attributes being just as important as knowledge and at QET we believe that character education should be ‘taught, sought and caught’.

We see no tension between a rigorous and stretching academic education, and outstanding wider personal development, in fact we see them as unified and reciprocal concepts.  Our intention is that children who are educated within our Trust become ethical people who treat others with respect and compassion and stand up for what is right; they have cultural capital so can engage meaningfully in the world and with others, are skilled, knowledgeable, and resilient communicators with strong character and the ability to shape their own future.