Podcasts are fantastic way of accessing CPD for teachers and school leaders in a convenient and personalised way. 


There are a huge number of education podcasts but here are some of our favourites currently:


Mr Barton Maths Podcast  

Craig Barton interviews guests from the wonderful world of education about their approaches to teaching, educational research and more.

Education Research Reading Room 

Brings together passionate teachers and educators with inspiring education researchers and thought leaders for engaging and informative discussion on key issues in the education space. Hosted by Oliver Lovell.

Mind the Gap: Making Education Work Across the Globe 

Presented by Tom Sherrington and Emma Turner present proven strategies and interview experts from around the globe.

Naylor’s Natter

Created by Phil Naylor and with a range of presenters to share musings on evidence, research and CPD.


Pixl Leadership Podcast

Rachel Johnson from PiXL is joined by two school leaders to discuss one non-educational leadership book that can change the way we think, teach and lead.



For all the latest gossip, interviews and thoughts on education, brought to you by the most influential education blog in the UK.


The Learning Scientists Podcast 

A podcast for teachers, students, and parents about evidence based practice and learning.


TES Podagogy

Everything you wanted to know about teaching on a podcast produced by the editors and writers at the world-renowned TES.


Becoming Educated 

The mission of Becoming Educated is threefold: - to inform, to challenge and to inspire.


Boys Don’t Try 

Writers of the book ‘Boys Don’t Try? – Rethinking Masculinity in Schools’, Matt Pinkett and Mark Roberts, discuss the issues that they highlight in their book.

From Page to Practice 

Help and advice on applying educational reading in the classroom.

Pivotal Podcast 

Practical advice on how to manage behaviour in your classroom, safeguarding, teaching and learning.

The Edtech Podcast 

The mission is to improve the dialogue between ‘ed’ and ‘tech’ through storytelling, for better innovation and impact.

Rethinking Education Podcast 

Rethinking Education features in-depth conversations with interesting people about how we might tweak the education system so as to avert catastrophe and transition to a more harmonious, peaceful, sustainable way of life.

Brighter Thinking Podcast 

This is a place where international education enthusiasts from all backgrounds can come together to discuss the challenges faced by teachers in a modern classroom and discover new teaching ideas. 

Conversations on Character  

Conversations on Character, engages leading figures from across politics, education and research, asking them to reflect on their personal understanding of character development.