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Working with the Diocese

The Trust has a close relationship with the Church of England Diocese of Bath and Wells. Our Articles of Association are those designed for use in a MAT containing both church and non-church schools and the Diocese retains a number of powers and checks to ensure that the culture of the MAT remains supportive to schools with a faith character.  Our Trust has pledged to celebrate and protect the diversity and distinctiveness of each school.  Our Memorandum of Understanding expresses our relationship in clear terms.

We have representatives from the church sitting as Members of the Quantock Education Trust and we have a dialogue with the Diocese to make sure that we recruit people who can contribute to the skills set required by the Board of Trustees and are able to support actively the church character of our Trust schools.

  • 50% of Members & 50% of Trustees have foundation status and one of our Members is designated as the Diocesan Corporate Member
  • The composition of the LGC of a C of E school is on an ‘as is’ basis i.e. the proportions of foundation governors remain the same as prior to conversion
  • The Scheme of Delegation and the Academy Articles of Association safeguard the foundation aims of our church schools as well as a common sense of purpose, commitment and care across all our member schools
  • Changes to the Scheme of Delegation for a C of E School have to be agreed with the Diocesan Director of Education.