Our Local Governance Committee

The Local Governors are responsible for their delegated functions in accordance with the Scheme of Delegation and are accountable to the Board of Trustees. The Chair of the Local Governance Committee (LGC) is invited to a regular Chairs Forum, the information from this meeting feeds into the Board Meeting of the QET.


The role of the LGC is crucial in providing support and challenge at a local level, being the local voice, a link for the local community and church (where applicable) and are advocates for the Trust and all its schools. They support and challenge the school ethos and curriculum provision, pupil outcomes and achievement, enriching community cohesion and ensuring effective communication within each school, having first hand experience and knowledge of the individual community context and needs. 

The range of delegated powers will depend on the educational outcomes and overall performance of the individual schools. See the Scheme of Delegation for details. See the LGC Terms of Reference for more detail of regarding the remit of this committee.The Chair of the LGC is invited to a regular Chairs Forum, from where information feeds into the Board meeting of the QET.

All Local Governance Committees (LGCs) have a minimum of nine and a maximum of 11 members. The 'Terms of Reference' provides more detail regarding the remit of this committee. The LGC of Church Schools continue to have 'Foundation Representation', approved by the diocese, this is in line with the previous VA or VC status of the school. This ensures the link between the local church, the diocese and the community are enabled to flourish and are maintained as set out in the articles of association and the Memorandum of Understanding with the diocese.  

Local Governors

Stogursey Primary School

Anna Hammond (Co Chair)

Teresa Miller (Co Chair)

Anthony Chetland (Vice Chair)

Louise Day (Staff elected)

Jackie Stone (Foundation)

Pauline Kaye (Clerk)

Haygrove School

Aaron Reid (Headteacher)

Jill Witts (Staff elected)

Lyndon Brett (MAT appointed)

Mark Wilson (MAT appointed)

Jackie Stone (MAT appointed)

Ros Dempsey (Clerk)

Spaxton Primary School

Suzanne Traynor (Co Chair)

Andrew Watson (Co Chair)

Emma Carress (Parent elected)

Rev. Eleanor King (Foundation)

Kerry Henderson (MAT appointed)

Heidi Moule (MAT appointed)

Helen Roper (Clerk)

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