Our Governance Structure

The governance structure of the Quantock Education Trust is a key cornerstone of the operation of the Trust. It has a clear and straightforward structure which is designed to enable the effective delivery of the Trust vision, mission and strategic aims, always prioritising the most effective and efficient use of resources in order to secure high educational outcomes for its pupils. 


The structure is designed to be flexible and acknowledging of the opportunities to evolve and expand appropriately as the Trust grows. The structure must therefore be outward facing but also self-evaluating and reflective. There is a clear transition process in place for new schools joining the Trust.

The structure comprises of 3 levels:

  1. Members

  2. Trustees

  3. Local Governors

Membership at all levels is determined principally by key skills and attributes, which reflect the key necessary competencies as set out in the Governance Handbook and Competency Framework.

Mrs Karen Canham

Chief Executive Officer

Quantock Education Trust

Durleigh Road




t: 01278 455531

e: kcanham@quantockedtrust.co.uk

Quantock Education Trust

Durleigh Road, Bridgwater  TA6 7HW

t: 01278 455 531

e: kcanham@educ.somerset.gov.uk

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