We have an ever expanding range of books available for our staff to borrow as part of our CPD library which is located in the Quiet Room at Haygrove School.


If you have a suggestion of a book for the library, please contact QET and we can consider purchasing it to add to our collection.


Here are just some recent books that staff have found helpful. All these titles are available to borrow from the QET CPD Library in the Quiet Room at Haygrove School or can be purchased online.

running the room.png
lets hear it from the boys.jpg
teaching for mastery.png
Rosenhine's Principles in Action.fw.png

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reflect expect check explain.png
breaking through barriers.png
Copy of Powerful Geography.fw.png
Retrieval Practice 2.fw.png
retrieval practicee.png
Making every Geography lesson count.fw.p
Why dont students like school.fw.png
teach like a champ.jpg
A Beginners Guide to Mantle of the Exper
wish I'd taught maths.jpg
Of Teaching, Learning and Sherbet Lemons
Self-harm and Eating disorders in School
When adults change, Everything changes.j
The curriculum Gallimaufry.jpg
High Challenge, Low Threat.jpg
The If Machine.jpg
Getting the Buggers to Behave.jpg
The Practically Perfect Teacher.jpg
On the Fringes.jpg
Cognitive Science for Educators.jpg
The Learning Rainforest.jpg
The Theory and Practice of Virtue Educat
Educating for a Characterful Society.jpg