The Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees has a membership of 10, all of whom are appointed by the Members and five of whom must have foundation status. The CEO is a Trustee. Trustees are appointed according to the range of skills and expertise that they can bring to the operation of the board. The Trustees do not represent individual academies, but champion the best interests for all pupils and staff in the Trust community.


The Trustees have responsibility for:

  • Establishing and maintaining the vision and values of the Quantock Education Trust.

  • Operating the Trust in accordance with the objects of the Trust as set out in the Articles of Association and safeguarding its assets.

  • Holding the CEO to account for educational performance of the schools in the Trust against established targets and in the context of local and national benchmarks.

  • The overview and scrutiny of financial capability and management systems to ensure compliance with all relevant regulations and to deliver best value for money.

  • Ensuring sound management and administration of the Trust by the Executive Team and ensuring that the Executive Team is equipped with the relevant skills and guidance. 

  • Establishing and maintaining the governance and operational structures for the Trust, ensuring that the Scheme of Delegation is clear efficient and effective. 

  • Risk management, that is identifying, quantifying and devising systems to minimise the major risks affecting the Trust. 

  • Ensuring the Trust and academies are conducted in compliance with the general law.

The Board of Trustees delegates management of the Trust to the Chief Executive Officer and the Executive and Strategic teams.

See the QET Scheme of Delegation and Trust meeting schedule for more details.


There are five committees of the Board of Trustees with delegated powers:

  • Finance, Operations and Infrastructure (FOI)

  • Audit and Risk Committee (AI)

  • Standards and Performance (S and P)

  • Welfare Committee

  • Pay and Renumeration (P and R)​​


Trevor Haines

Karen Canham

Cath Macadam

Graham Pow

Martyn Giles

Jenny Ashworth

Mark Cooke

Stacey Hatch

Rebecca Hemsley

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